This is it — all of me.

I am an artist who likes to draw. It may not be the best drawings, but at least I enjoy doing it. I created an amateur comic strip called ‘Kay&I.’ which sometimes involves real interactions with my daughter. I once told the creator Matt Groening (The Simpsons) that I create crappy webcomics and, now I don’t want to be accountable if I did not get a comic out at least once a week if I ever meet him again. Starting ‘Kay&I’ lead me to get into a ton of other self-made skits.

I am a writer who used to blog about my misadventures in dating in high school that turned into a book called ‘Stupid Cupid Tricks.’ ‘Stupid Cupid Tricks’ was drawn by my best friend and fellow artist, Mikie Acevedo of I am working on a few other books that will be out shortly.

Lastly, I am a creator of memories. Your brain is there to help remind you of dangerous things in the world, and not there save your most significant thoughts. The fear of forgetting those thoughts leads me to create several YouTube videos of family or Podcasts, where I talk about life with my friends.

Outside of oversharing here, I love music and movies. I once owned hundreds, possibly thousands of DVDs and CDs. I have since then gone digital. I often receive invites to see movies before they are released in theaters or the first person to show my friends new songs.

I hope you enjoy my content.

-Matt Kick