A man invents a dream recorder but accidentally records his pet’s dreams instead of his own. From Reddit

“This is it!” Doc Brown said as he held up an alarm clock-like device.


His dog, Biscuit gave him a blank stare. Biscuit jumped up and laid on the bed.


“You don’t understand, Biscuit! This records dreams!” Doc said as he continued to plug in the device. A blue light filled the bedroom.  “If you only knew, then you would be excited too.”


The Doc crawled into bed next to Biscuit and soon enough, fell asleep.


The next morning, Doc rolled over and noticed the blue hue.

“The dream machine!” Doc Brown jumped and grabbed the box. “Let’s see if it worked!”


The Doc pressed play on the box, and it projected images on the wall. Almost like a home video.


A door is showing.


“Hey, Biscuit, that’s the front door,” Doc said.


Envelopes started to fall through the mail slot, and the view became shaking.


Bark, Bark, Bark…


“Wait for a second,” Doc suddenly realized, “This is your dream!”


The doorknob started to shake in the projected video and revealed Doc Brown opened the door. Biscuit jumped on Doc Brown. “Where’s my fucking food?” an unfamiliar voice said. Doc Brown walked into the kitchen and started rambling about his day. “Hurry the fuck up.” The voice said.


“Is that you, Biscuit?” Doc Brown turns his attention away from the wall and looks at the passed out pooch.


Doc Brown returns to the video.


“I’m going to kill you.” Biscuit said.  Doc Brown comes and drops a bowl of food in front of the starving dog. “This shit again?” Biscuit said. “I’m so hungry; I can eat your scrawny ass.” Biscuit begins to dig his face into the bowl and eats until there was no more food visible. “Ready to go outside?” Doc Brown asked Biscuit. “Hurry up; I got to take a shit.” Biscuit responded. They head outside. Biscuit immediately stopped to poop. “Why the fuck are you staring at me, asshole?” Biscuit asked. A poodle comes across Biscuit and Biscuit starts to mount the little dog. Suddenly a flood of water started covering Biscuit’s vision. “What the fuck…?” Biscuit looks back and sees Doc Brown with a hose. Biscuit begins to charge Doc Brown. “You fucking cockblock me, muthafucka?”




Doc Brown immediately turns to the sleeping Dog and notices that he is growling in his sleep.


“This is a live feed?!” Doc Brown said.

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