[WP] A suicide bomber and their victims find themselves in a waiting room, awaiting processing into the afterlife.- Reddit

“Whoa!” Rabbit said as he peered over and saw a line of people in front of him. The line snaked for about a mile. He looked down in his hand and noticed a piece of paper that had “476”.


“Excuse me.” Rabbit said as he nudged the man in front of him. “Where are we?”


The man started sobbing loud as he stared at a picture of his young boy. The people in front of him ranged from; older and younger, men and women, as well as a few kids. All walked by with hung heads.


“I have a job to do.” Rabbit said determinedly. “I don’t have time to wait in lines.”


Rabbit started pushing his way through the crowd toward the front of the line where he came up to a man on a high seat, scheming through a book. This is Saint Peter, wearing all white and could be easily mistaken for someone’s grandfather.


“Welcome to the afterlife!” Saint Peter said from his high seat. “You’re certainly in a hurry. What’s your name?”


Rabbit stood there confused.


“Afterlife? “ Rabbit Said, “This isn’t something he signed up for. I am looking for the exit.”


“Oh, uh…” Saint Peter said as he pulled down a pair of glasses from the top of his head and began flipping through his book. “We are busy today, compared to most days.”


“Where can I get out of here?” Rabbit demanded.


“Uh oh. You are the one responsible for this.” Saint Peter said as he grew concerned. “You killed all of these innocent people!”


At that moment, Rabbit had a flashback and remembered everything. The time of stealing the plane to the moment of realizing that he couldn’t fly the plane and crashed it into the crowd of people.


The bodies behind him picked up their heads and started to shuffle toward Rabbit.


“All your fates are already determined.” Saint Peter began, “What happens before the gates of heaven stays before the gates of Heaven.”


The group of people swallowed Rabbit, and he wasn’t heard from ever again.

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