You’re a University Professor. You find out a student in your class is the child of your first love. From Reddit

As she walks in, the memories start to pour in my thoughts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She reminded me of her. She was the love of my life, the one that got away. Students started to fill the room, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I try to keep my composure, but I fell to every stereotype that all people do when they come across the one they love. Butterflies, weak knees, the whole bit. How did she stay so young? I tried to keep my professionalism, but I needed to know whom she was. I walk up to the girl who was conveniently sitting in the front roll, and I introduce myself.


“My name is Professor Collins, and who might you be?” I ask.


“Amy Tran.” She says with that adorable smile.


“Tran?” I ask. “Any relations with Emily Tran?”


“Yes! She is my mom!”


I was taken back because Emily left me for another man. A man that she cheated on me with but yet, I still found ways to forgive her as long as she was happy. That didn’t work because she eventually left me for him.


“How is your mom?” I ask.


“She’s good,” Amy says.


“How about your dad?” I ask. I just had to know.


“My dad left my mom when I was young. I have never personally met the guy.”


My heart dropped. That bastard broke my love’s, heart. How could I forgive him?


“That’s horrible. Well, hopefully, he gets what he deserves.” I say. “Maybe you’re mom will find someone better.”


I might have been drilling for personal information, but I needed to know.


“She’s gay now. Well, a lesbian, but tomatoes, tomatoes.” She says carelessly.


He ruined her! She can’t trust another man again! Maybe, I am a tad bit over reacting. Perhaps, she was always this way, but she finally is happy.


“She must be happy about the equals rights thing, huh?” I ask.


“Well, she isn’t seeing someone, so I am not sure. “


“She’s available?!” I shouted.

The room got quiet, and the students were all in their seats as I stood there in front of Emily.


“Yes,” she says as she snickers “My mom is available.”


The class started to laugh as I hung my head in embarrassment. I walked to the board to begin my lecture.


I am pretty sure that Amy still loves me.

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