[WP] You’re immortal, but you can die. Upon your death, however, you will be “reset” to age 5 with a perfect memory of each life you’ve lived before.

It’s that time again. I made it to 70 years old. I can’t walk without a walker. I can not eat without false teeth. I miss chewy steak. I already started to plan my next life. I have a buried safe with a million dollars, emancipation papers, and keys to my paid off Manson. This will get me situated until I can start my new life as a marine biologist. Flipper the dolphin and Willy the whale was big influences in this lifetime and it is something I am definitely missing out on.
I put on my most expensive suit and comb back my balding gray hair. I cover my mouth with my oxygen mask this morning for the last time. It was sealed with super glue to conceal my fate. I turn off the oxygen. This was the hard part. This is what I called the groundhog’s effect. I go to sleep and wake up in my new life.

The next morning I wake up in a soggy diaper. I am normally five years of age. I should be potty train by now. My parents come in as they hear me rustle around. They were a young couple. Obviously new to this.

“Hey there buddy,” dad said, welcoming me.
“Oooog” I responded. I couldn’t talk. What is wrong with me.
“Look at my little man!” Mom said. She was gorgeous. She just woke up but she did not need any makeup. She wore a pretty black nightgown. She picked me up and I was fascinated with the silk against my skin.

Then I felt it. Running down my leg.
“Oh no!” mom shriek. She raced and grab some wipers.
“That’s okay little buddy. It happens.” Dad says as he comforts me in his arms. Mom is still cleaning me up before dad puts me in the High Chair For breakfast. Mom starts to mix the spoon in the jar of baby food. She brings the spoon out of the jar filled with food. She puts it in my mouth. I was reluctant. But I bit. It was peas. And it was disgusting. I don’t remember baby food and what I do remember about baby food, is not tasting that gross. I swing my arm and knocked the spoon out of moms hand. Peas got everywhere. Dad was in the background, frying up some eggs and potatoes. Of course, he used just the salt. Like any amateur cook. I tried pointing at dad and mom quickly caught on. She quickly served me a few eggs and potatoes.
“You want to try something new, honey?” Mom asked.
“I don’t think this is going to work,” dad replied. “He has never eaten anything other than his baby food.”
I tried to grab the fork and quickly scoop up some food. I know the hand-eye coordination is different with everybody but this was completely off. I just could not grab the fork. I kept missing.
“Oh my God, honey!” Mom shouted.
“He’s trying!” Dad completed mom’s thought.
I could not get it right but my mouth was watery and the food was right there!
I decided to grab a fist full and shove it in my mouth. The egg and potatoes were running down my face and mom quickly goes for her phone and starts to take pictures.
They take me to the bathroom. Mom starts the bath as dad dances with me. He spins me around and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I noticed something completely different that I have not experience in any life before this. I have down syndrome. I have lived over and over again. I faced every challenge but this may be my biggest challenge yet. I know I can accomplish this if my parents don’t write me off.

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